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Welcome to miracle world of wonders. This journal is for JE fan-fictions lovers, especially Hey Say JUMP. 

I hope you guys enjoy yourself reading them as much as I enjoy writing ^_^

Hait, douzo!

*Disclaimer: I only own the plot. All of the stories are fictional. Any similarities with personal experiences are totally unintentional.

*Warning: Johnny’s boys as the main pairing. If you have problems with yaoi fictions you should stop reading now. 

Index~ Series )

Index~ Short Stories a.k.a one-shot )

You, me & our memory (prologue)

Title: You, me & our memory (prologue)
Author: lurvelygurl
Involve: Yabu/Inoo
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Warning: This might get you all teary eyes. Tissues recommended.
Summary: This is the sequel for this one-shot (our last valentines). I decided to turn it into series.

Enjoy this new series ^_^ (the angst-way of course)

prologue~Collapse )

click to listen to the song



wow...where do I start?
I got married in May 2014, Will be finishing the 2 years intership in 2 months.

And most importantly,

Missing the fandom so much! noticed that a lot of my previous readers has left... sorry for the long hiatus...

warming up at the moment.
expect new fic soon =) 






Naughty Inoo (very short drabble)

Title: Naughty Inoo (very short drabble)
Author: lurvelygurl
Involve: Yabu/Inoo
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Get your teddy bear nearby, you might need it =P
Summary: When Inoo gets naughty

Naughty Inoo~Collapse )

Come on a my house~

The title is just grammatically wrong,
The song is so-so,

but the PV rocks!!!!

It's my JUMP house ideal look. it fits all of my fics setting.

Yuya and Kota on the bed... i want to be the pillow.... *drools*

I'll just mute the sound and enjoy the pv with my wild imagination. new storyline might pop-out. LOL =P

Graduation~ One shot

Title: Graduation~ One shot
Author: lurvelygurl
Pairing: Takaki/Inoo, Yabu/Inoo
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I only own the plot
Summary: Inoo’s graduation day, but something is missing... Late entry for Inoo's graduation. Ops, it's angst =P

  Thank You Kota~Collapse )

Our last Valentine~ One shot

Title: Our last Valentine~ One shot
Author: lurvelygurl
Pairing: Yabu/Inoo
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I only own the plot
Summary: A letter from Yabu to his beloved Inoo Kei who is suffering from juvenile Alzheimer disease.

Hello everyone!! I'm back!!! InooBu fans, enjoy this short angst =)

Our last valentine~ one shotCollapse )

Yamada's solo CD

Hello =)
just dropping by to share my thoughts on Yama-chan's solo debut.

First of all, i think fans need to calm down.
The title is 'Yamada's solo debut' not 'Yamada is leaving JUMP'.
i know Johnny's fans are traumatized by Yamapi & Jin's act, me included.
But let us look at things objectively rather than emotionally.

My thoughts~Collapse )