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where thoughts are inscribed ^_^

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a simple girl with wild imagination who value talent of others ^_^ Has great depth of love in art, but somehow my life is all about science.

I has always dream to be an author; this journal will be my first step.

Fall in love with Yamada Ryosuke after watching his brilliant acting in Hidarime Tantei Eye- and HSJ fangirling begins. Slowly Keito become my ichiban- he's mysterious, someone a want-to-be psychiatrist like me would love to talk to. Watching these boys growing up is so much fun!

Now greatly impressed by KaT-TUN--> despite all the bad rumors and hardship they went through they are still able to stand as a team, regardless the differences between them. The once air-headed boy band has now mature.

NEWS slowly catches my attention. I'm following their updates, even though not really that keen. But who knows if this might change.

Let your imagination take control, as we are navigating in the magical land of wonders~ Hope all of you will enjoy this=)

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